March 23, 2006

Why Drugs and Pokemon dont mix...

Just watch the video all the way through...

The Super Adventure Club kills Chef

OMG...Did anyone see last nights South Park?!? They just completly went off on Scientology and Issac Hayes (well sort of on Hayes)! It was one of the most brilliant episodes ive seen them do and not only that it was a really nice tribute and send off for the character "Chef." If you dont know what im talking about heres what the Associated Press wrote about it:

Chef Gets Big Send-Off on 'South Park'Mar 22, 11:16 PM EST The
Associated Press
Isaac Hayes' Chef character got a true "South Park" send-off
Wednesday night — seemingly killed off but mourned as a jolly old guy whose
brains were scrambled by the "Super Adventure Club." The thinly disguised satire
continued the show's feud with Scientologists in its 10th season premiere on
Comedy Central. The soul singer has voiced the Chef character in "South Park"
since 1997, but left recently because of what he called the animated show's
religious "intolerance and bigotry." Founders
Matt Stone and Trey Parker said Hayes, a Scientologist, was mad that "South Park" mocked the religion in an episode last November. A rerun of that Scientology episode was mysteriously pulled off the air last week amid published
reports that actor
Tom Cruise, another Scientologist, had used his clout to
bury it. A Cruise spokesman denied that.

The power of Tom Cruise Cruise Vs. "South Park"

Hayes didn't participate in making Wednesday's episode; the character's lines appeared to be patched together through tapes of past dialogue. Chef repeatedly said he wanted to "make sweet
love" to the "South Park" elementary school kids — it seems the "Super Adventure Club" turns its members into child molesters. The children try to rescue Chef, but in the end he turns to head back to the "Super Adventure Club" — until he falls off a bridge onto rocks, is burned, stabbed and mauled by a mountain lion and bear.

Then he apparently dies.

The door for Hayes' return wasn't completely closed. In the show's final scene, members of the "Super Adventure Club" try to revive Chef, and it's not clear he's really dead.

Throughout the episode there was kind of a vibe that this wasnt your usual day in South Park. While it was trying to be funny and satirical, there was a sense of loss, of mourning in the way the characters were dealing with the behavior of Chef. Even Cartman, who usually never misses an opportunity to throw in a one liner seemed somewhat subdued. With the apparent death of chef he makes a comment like " maybe hes not dead (the others look at him) well the last thing that happens before you die is that you shit yourse...(Chefs mangled body shit explosivly) oh....nevermind...." Usually he would have gone on for awhile making jokes, but he just quietly walks away.

Personally i thought it was a touching tribute towards the end when they have an open casket (no body) with a spatula wrapped in a red ribbon. They spoke about how they were going to remeber their friend as the lovable fat chef who sang them a song and fed them salsbury steak. It showed how much they ( Matt & Trey) actually cared about Issac as a friend, but where angry at the Church of Scientology for "brainwashing" him. They remember him for who he was and still is deep inside, but mourn his loss (of being on the show) while flipping the bird to CoS. Like i said it was one of the best episodes ive seen them do and shows (regardless of wheither you like south park or not) how much of a true artist these two guys are. They really put together (on short notice) a touching piece that has their heart and soul put into it. Hopefully Issac Hayes will leave the "dark side" of the farce (yes i spelled that right) and rejoin the cast. But until then...

Goodbye Chef.

March 21, 2006


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